Sept 1st, 2016




Figure Skating Lesson Policies and Fees

Lessons Fees

Private lesson fees are as follows:

  • 40 min $48.00
  • 30 min $36.50
  • 20 min $26.00
  • 15 min $18.00


Semi-Private lessons
fees are as follows:


Semi Privates will be my going rate plus $4 per skater. The total will then be divided by the number of skaters.  For example, a group of 3
skaters would be: 40 min 48+ $4 per skater/3 skaters would be $19 per skater.


Competition Fees

  • Coaching fees and Hotel/Transportation fees are due before the competition
  • Practice ice fees are due at the competition.
  • If you scratch from the competition after hotel, etc. fees are given; you are still responsible for payment of the fees
  • If there are two or fewer skaters attending an out of town competition, a loss of income fee will be added per skater per day.
  • Competition fees will be $30.00 per event.
  • Practice ice fees will be calculated like a semi-private lesson.
  • Gas and tolls fees apply to any event with a travel time in excess of 20 minute
  • If you withdrawal from a competition after the hotel and
    transportations fees have to announced, you are still required to pay those
    fees.  Event fees will not be charged.

Testing Fees and Information

  • Testing Fees will be $30.00 per test.
  • Testing is done on weekdays during scheduled test sessions.
  • Registration is due 2 weeks prior to the test date.
  • Skaters will most likely miss school for test sessions.
  • Skaters should dress like they are competing.
  • Skaters should be dressed and ready to go 1 hour before their scheduled test time.
  • Practice ice is normally available on a differnt rink on test days.

Music Editing Fees

  • Music editing fees will be $30.00
  • This fee includes the editing of the music and 2 cds.
  • If I need to download the music, the cost of the download will be added to the editing fee.
  • Once that edit has been accepted, any changes or alterations to the music will be $10.

Lesson Cancelation Policy

  • I do have a lesson cancelation policy.  It is a standard policy in the coaching field.  I require a 24 hour notice of a lesson cancelation.
  • If your skater is a no show, you are required to pay the full amount of the lesson.  A no show includes forgetting to tell me that
    your skater will not be there, coming at the wrong time or day resulting in missing your lesson.
  • I understand that children get sick.  If your skater is sick and you cant give me 24 hours notice, but can reschedule the lesson
    within seven days then the fee is waived and you just pay for the normal lesson.
  • If you are going to be going out of town on vacation, please give me advanced notice of the dates.



Additional New Student Information


Lesson and Ice Time Payment


You pay the rink for your skaters Ice time.  This can be done by purchasing a skating plan, including a JCP plan, purchasing a punch card or paying on a per session basis. You must pay for the ice time before getting on the ice.


You pay Marcia for your skaters lesson.




Rink Ice vs Club Ice


Ice times that are offered Monday-Friday is considered Rink Ice.  You pay the rink for this ice time as mentioned above.


Saturday ice is Club Ice.  The IceWorks Skating Club purchases several hours of ice time from the IceWorks skating complex.  The club then sells the ice sessions to the skaters.  So if you are skating on Saturday, you would pay the club ice monitor.  The club ice monitor is recognized by the big binder they carry with them and is a usually a club officer.  You may pay for individual sessions, or you may purchase a club punch card.


Additionally, the ice sessions scheduled between Christmas and New Years are also club ice sessions.  You must either pay for the sessions or use a club punch card.