About Marcia's Figure Skaters



What is Marcia's Figure Skaters?


Marcia's Figure Skaters is a group made up of 16 skaters and their families.  We have both recreational and competitive skaters and sometimes hockey players.  Our skaters levels range from Tots to Adult. We have non-competitive, recreationally competitive and nationally competitive skaters in our group.


We believe in working hard, while having fun.  Our skaters are very supportive of one another.  They can often be found working together on jumps or spins.  They cheer each other on at competitions and cross their fingers for each other during test sessions. 


We have a wonderful group of skaters and parents.  The skaters often refer to our group as the "Marcia Family."  Our skaters and parents enjoy spending time together. We try to schedule group outings and dinners when we travel for competitions.  We also join together to celebrate birthdays, special occasions and our individual and group accomplishments.   In the past, we have organized group camping trips, mini golf outings and annual trips to the beach.



Where do we train?


Our primary training location in the IceWorks Skating Complex in Aston, PA.  Aston is located outside of Philadelphia.  Marcia also teaches at the Skating Club of Wilmington in Wilmington, DE.



What clubs do we represent?


All of our skaters currently represent the IceWorks Skating Club.   The club often hosts US Figure Skating Regional and Sectional Competitions.  The Philadelphia Summer Championships is also held at IceWorks, and is the largest figure skating competition in the US.


Our Coaching Group


Marcia believes in team coaching.  Many of my skaters work with multiple coaches.  Over the years, our coaching group has included:


  • Elizabeth Hollett-Shackett
  • Mojca Kopac
  • Uschi Keslar
  • Liz Manley
  • Vincent Restancourt
  • Philip Dulebon
  • Scott Gregory
  • Oleg Fediukov
  • Ron Luddington

Is Marcia Accepting New Skaters?

Marcia is currently accepting new skaters.  We all enjoy welcoming new skaters into our family.